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What is Initia Oncology?

The INITIA health care centre, which belongs to the Quirónsalud Hospital Group, boasts the best professionals in the field of Oncology comprising a multidisciplinary medical team that combines extensive professional experience with the use of state-of-the-art medical tools.


The Initia Oncología team is composed of professionals with extensive experience in the treatment and management of cancer patients. In addition, its medical team formed by Medical Oncology specialists is joined by a large group of professionals from fields as diverse as Nursing, Physiotherapy, and the development or administrative management of clinical trials, who ensure that all aspects of the diagnosis and treatment of diseases are coordinated in the most effective and convenient way for the patients and their family members.


Medical Oncology has become an extraordinarily complex discipline in recent years and, as such, it cannot be dealt with in its entirety by a single professional. Our Medical Oncology specialists carry out their health care activity focusing on specific areas of each of the subspecialties that make up today’s broad field of cancer treatment.


Our Oncology specialists focus their work on specific areas of each specialty.

This super-specialisation offers the greatest advantages to our patients, who will be able to find an expert in the specific tumour affecting them in each of our oncologists, given that the treatment, for example, of leukaemia or colon cancer is characterised by completely different particularities.


The nursing staff working at Initia Oncología has been trained specifically in the field of Oncology and the handling of antineoplastic drugs. These professionals will guide you and ensure that the management of every aspect related to the administration of your treatment and the alleviation of your different symptoms, including the insertion of central lines and the administration of antineoplastic medication, is performed following the appropriate procedures. Likewise, they will attempt to ensure that all administrative aspects relating to your illness cause you the least possible inconvenience. Please do not hesitate to notify them of any question or concern.


At Initia Oncología we also feature a Clinical Trials Unit which will allow you to access the latest clinical studies in the field of Oncology and guide you during your participation in any of the proposed clinical trials. Although your participation in these clinical trials is undoubtedly absolutely voluntary, at Initia Oncología we will advise you at all times if you decide to participate in any of them, following the recommendations of the most prestigious international organisations dedicated to the study of cancer such as the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) or the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO).


All these means that Initia Oncología puts at your disposal are framed in facilities that are perfectly prepared for the administration of oncological treatments and care. Cooperation with the central Laboratory, Pathological Anatomy, and Radiology services will be fundamental in the diagnosis and treatment of your disease.


Initia Oncología will guide you through these central services by providing you with access to their departments in order to optimise your time and resources. The most modern laboratory and oncological pathology techniques will be at your entire disposal, together with the most sophisticated diagnostic radiology technologies (ultrasonography, CT, and MRI) and interventional or endoscopic procedures.



Facilities and services

Initia offers high-quality medical installations equipped with the latest medical devices specialised in treating cancer.