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Initia Oncología is formed by a team of oncologists and internists specialised in palliative care, nursing professionals, data managers for clinical trials, and administrative staff.

The Initia Oncología team began its journey as such eleven years ago. However, the professionals comprising the team have an even longer experience in the treatment of solid tumours. They are all experts in their respective fields and have published their scientific research in the most prestigious international journals.

Advances in oncology are increasingly more frequent. Anti-cancer drugs, therapeutic strategies, surgical techniques, and radiotherapy treatments have fortunately improved over the past twenty years, thus leading to the requirement of a specialised approach for specific pathologies. Current oncology based on personalised medicine forces professionals dedicated to the treatment of tumours to be permanently updated. Each of our oncologists specialises in a particular area of oncology. This specialisation allows us to offer our patients the best of the therapeutic options available for their specific condition.

Over these past few years our team has been evolving and adapting to the most recent developments that have emerged in the field of cancer treatment.

New working approaches based on the creation of multidisciplinary teams are now the norm in Initia Oncología.

Not only has our knowledge been updated, but also our facilities and equipment used for administering the various anti-tumour treatments available. New working approaches based on the training of multidisciplinary teams are now the norm in Initia Oncología. Thus, our oncologists meet regularly with physicians from other specialties with a view to design the best treatment for our patients. The decisions arising from these so-called Tumour Committees (formed by oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, etc.) are assumed by the team and carried out in a coordinated manner. Decisions based on the indications of international therapeutic guidelines, and discussed in the cited Committees, have resulted in an improvement of the oncological treatments applied throughout the years.

In the current era of personalised oncology, this innovative and multidisciplinary spirit is what offers us the greatest advantages to achieve the best results for our patients.

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