Salvador Blanch Tormo

Salvador Blanch Tormo

Medical Oncology

Breast Cancer Gynaecology


His clinical and research activity is particularly focused on breast cancer and gynaecological tumours. He currently works as an associate physician in the Breast Cancer Area of the Valencian Institute of Oncology (IVO, Instituto Valenciano de Oncología). He has also worked as an associate physician in the Clinical Gynaecologic Oncology Area and the Digestive Tumours Area of this institute.

He graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Valencia in 2004 and subsequently trained as a resident physician in Medical Oncology at the Valencian Institute of Oncology, obtaining his title in 2011.

He was awarded the Dexeus Foundation Scholarship and the JB Vermorken Scholarship for the study of ovarian cancer.

He frequently works with several cooperative research groups (GEICAM, SOLTI, etc.) and is the principal investigator in several research protocols. He is a member of the Spanish Society of Oncology (SEOM, Sociedad Española de Oncología), the Spanish Breast Cancer Research Group (GEICAM, Grupo Español de Investigación de Cáncer de Mama), and SOLTI.